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2013-08-06; Uncle Sam - Policeman of the World 103-003

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2013-08-06; Uncle Sam - Policeman of the World 103-003

Postby RingMaster » Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:52 pm

8/06/2013 8:00 PM ( CST ) Uncle Sam - Policeman of the World

Uncle Sam - Policeman of the World is a continuing series of individual episodes pertaining to the USA's Military Industrial Complex and its involvement in foreign world affairs, analyzed from the perspective of national morality, national ethics, national character, and national integrity.

In this show episode, we:

Continue the 103 sub-series, wherein we quote various sources exposing the government's participation in the worldwide drug/crime cartel organizations.

Specifically, we feature a presentation by Mike Ruppert, an ex - Los Angeles, California narcotic investigator who has collected much information of CIA involvement in drug smuggling and distribution activity,

Links to various reference books:

The Big White Lie, by Michael Levine

The Politics of Heroin, by Prof, Alfred W. McCoy

L.A. Secret Police: Inside the LAPD Elite Spy Network, by Michael Rothmiller

Several books of Interest

The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider by Al Martin

Other links to various reference material pertaining to this presentation:

Ilopango Airport - San Salvador, El Salvador

DEA Headquarters' Review of Allegations of Contra Drug Trafficking

Ollie North and Drugs

Felix Rodriguez: Coca Contra Airport Manager

Justice Department Response to Castillo's Allegation Concerning Ilopango Airport

Pegasus File

Operation Watch Tower - CIA and Israeli Mossad Drug Smuggling

Operation Watch Tower - Additional Information

Celerino Castillo

History 101: The CIA & Drugs

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